Breastfeeding Support in Wilmington, NC.

Feeding your baby is not always easy. Luckily, Wilmington has a healthy support network to help.

There is nothing like a hungry, screaming baby to remind you that you have no idea what you’re doing when it comes to new-motherhood. From baby feeding support groups to commercial-grade breast pump rentals, these local resources are here to help you succeed at the arduous and beautiful task of breastfeeding your child.

Virtual Baby Cafe

Virtual Baby Café at NHRMC

The Mother’s Milk Club at Novant Health New Hanover Regional Medical Center has gone virtual and is now called Virtual Baby Cafe. These are the same lactation consultants you have available to you when you give birth at Wilmington’s Betty H. Cameron Women’s & Children’s Hospital.

When I was a new mother, they had a bi-weekly in-person Milk Club, without which I couldn’t have breastfed as long as I did. The milk club wasn’t only for those having trouble breastfeeding, there are breastfeeding mothers who attend in order to support the rest of us. So, even if you are not having any breastfeeding issues, please, still attend. Your knowledge and experience may help another mother get through a tough time. Find breastfeeding support, events and more on the Novant Health website.

Port City Breastfeeding Project

Port City Breastfeeding Project (PCBP)

PCBP hosts the annual Big Latch On event where mothers get together to celebrate breastfeeding nationally. Their website has a community calendar showing breastfeeding events and support group meetings. You can also find private lactation consultants and more local feeding resources.

Le Leche League

La Leche League of Wilmington

If an in-person meeting is what you’re looking for, Le Leche League of Wilmington hosts community support meetings. More information can be found on their Facebook page.

Milky Mermaid

Milky Mermaid Pump Rentals

The Milky Mermaid provides local support, education, and nursing tools and essentials. I had a milk pump that was provided by my insurance company, but when I had difficulty with production, a hospital-grade pump was recommended by my lactation consultant. It was a weekend and still the Milky Mermaid had one available for rent. I met her later that afternoon and was on my way. I even called her later with questions about the setup and functionality of the pump and she was so kind and patient with me.

My breastfeeding journey was cut short by a cancer diagnosis. One day I was happily breastfeeding, the next day I had to take medication that was toxic to baby. The process of weaning was not easy for me and my baby, because I couldn’t cut down gradually.

This was literally the hardest part of my cancer journey. The lactation consultants at NHRMC and Wilmington Health, and the moms at the community meet-ups were the only people I felt understood. My husband, my family, my breast surgeon – no one else could understand what I was going through (though they were all extremely supportive too).

Please, if you feel like you need support for any reason, reach out to one of the organizations above. You are not alone in your feelings. Those pesky hormones produced during lactation can be overwhelming, and add a hungry baby who won’t stop crying on top of all that, it can lead to feelings of depression and desperation. You’re not in it alone. There is a welcoming community of breastfeeding support here in Wilmington ready to help you get through.